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Terms of participation

Participants are granted with either a Certification of Attendance, a Degree, or a Diploma.

Printed educational material (notes or related book) is provided.

In case of cancellation of any seminar due to EPIMORFOSIS, the fees payed for entry are refunded.

EPIMORFOSIS has the right to swap the date of or postpone any seminar, after informing the participants via SMS, e-mail, or a phone call.

In this case, participants that to not desire to attend the seminar in the next date set or do not accept to use the fee that they paid for participation in any other seminar or service that is provided by EPIMORFOSIS, will be able to refund the whole sum they deposited.

In case of a strike, government restrictions, bad weather conditions and generally any event that cannot not be handled or solved by EPIMORFOSIS’s management and becomes a disturbance in the smooth conduct of a part or the total of a seminar, EPIMORFOSIS maintains the right to swap the date and time of it’s conduct.

In this case the tuition is not refundable, but is valid as it is.

Cancelling one’s participation, acknowledging his/her own culpability, will happen only via e-mail.
1. Up until 30 days prior to the beginning date of the seminar, one can refund the total amount they deposited.
2. Up until 15 days prior to the beginning date of the seminar, one can refund only 50% of the amount they deposited.
3. After this deadline ends, no sums are refunded except for the reason concerning critical health conditions or other issues of great importance. In that case, EPIMORFOSIS will evaluate and discuss the severeness of the issues and will decide whether the payment will be refunded or not.

When the realization of a seminar is certain, participants will receive an informing SMS/e-mail in time.

NOTICE: please do not purchase your air-ticket before you receive the SMS/e-mail mentioned above, that confirms the conduction of the course.

LLC1 EPIMORFOSIS maintains the right to swap the place of conduction.