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Androniki Giatsiou

Born and raised in Athens. Graduated from the Physiotherapy department of ATEI  Thessaloniki in 2018, with a dissertation “Effects of menopause and physiotherapy”. She started working as a physiotherapist as a student of physiotherapy and from a very early age she needed to be more educated and to fill her quiver with different therapeutic ways. In 2009 she attended seminars “THE MAITLAND APPROACH- in the cervical and lumbar spine” at NIMITS hospital. After some years  she decided to leave Athens to work in a large rehabilitation center in Thessaly gaining more experience in a wide variety of patients.

The Crisis of 2010, however, brought her back to Athens and, taking advantage of her great love for learning, leads her to teach from a very early age at the Public Vocational School of Piraeus in the Department of Physiotherapy. She was very quickly selected to participate as a member of the three-member committee for the selection of issues for certification in the public IEK of Greece in the “assistant physiotherapist department” by OEEK as well as, as a specialist scientist in the certification exams in the assistant physiotherapist department that took place in N. Ionia 19/09 /2011. She continued to work as an instructor in the public vocational schools of Piraeus and Peristeri until 2014.

At the same time she was working in large physiotherapy clinics in Athens until 2012, she decided to meet the world of Osteopathy by participating in the first department of the German Osteopathy School (OSD) in Greece. This was a great milestone in her life and she discovered her great love for visceral mobilization. She completed her studies with a dissertation “Could visceral osteopathic manipulation contribute to health, addressing gut microbiome?”.  After the proposal from “EPIMORFOSIS” combined with the support  of her professor, she became an assistant in the practical courses of visceral mobilization, until today.

Before completing her studies in Osteopathy, she decided to go deeper and attend the Postgraduate program of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens in the Department of Physiology entitled “Molecular and applied physiology with a specialty in Manual Therapy”. In 2020 she obtained the master’s degree with the dissertation “The role of visceral manipulation in rehabilitation”.

She has been working as a freelancer in home remedies for 8 years and continues to enrich her knowledge with training seminars. In 2018 she obtained the FDM Basic certificate from the European fascial distortion model association (EFDMA) in Athens. In 2019 she attended the seminar Orthopedic Lymph Drainage Therapy: Fluid articular release – upper by the Chickly Health institute as well as the Heart Centered Therapy by the Chickly Health institute.