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Helena D. Silman Cohen


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Helena D. Silman Cohen is licensed physical therapist with exceptional patient service skills and a demonstrated history of clinical excellence.

Providing lectures and courses about cancer rehabilitation to health care professionals and patients. Credentials include dual-state licensure (NJ and NY), lymphedema certification, wound care certification, and a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree. Collaborative team player with superior work ethic and interpersonal abilities.

• Tel Aviv University, Israel, BPT, 1998-2001
• Utica College, NY, DPT, 2015-2016

01/2019 –  Present  Private practice – oncology rehabilitation services
• Providing lectures about cancer rehabilitation to health care professionals, and patients.
• Providing private physical therapy sessions for cancer patients.
• Providing oncology physical therapy course with a colleague to physical therapists in Israel. First course was provided on 05/2019 through the Israeli Physical Therapy Society (IPTS) and supported by the Israeli Cancer Association, second course is scheduled for 03/2020 in Ichilov hospital, Tel Aviv.
05/2019 –  Present  Rambam hospital, oncology department, Haifa, Israel
• Senior physical therapist at the oncology department. Creating a new service at the oncology department.
• Educating oncologists, health care professionals about the role of oncology PT.
04/2010-06/2018  Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York
• Lead physical therapist at the Breast and Imaging Center (BAIC). Providing lymphedema therapy in an outpatient setting.
• Manager of the rehab department at the Breast and Imaging Center, working with physicians, nurses and other clinical staff.
• Presenting monthly seminar to patients about lymphedema risk reduction practice.
• Providing lectures to fellow doctors about lymphedema annually.
• Collaboration with other health care professionals at MSK working on studies including Acupuncture study, patients’ knowledge of lymphedema, and breast lymphedema.
09/2009-02/2010     Access Nursing Services, New York
• Providing physical therapy services in an outpatient setting
07/2001-07/2008     Maccabi Health Services –Tel-Aviv, Israel –
Sr. Physical therapist at a public outpatient clinic
• Orthopedic, neurological, respiratory and lymphedema treatments.
• Home visits.
• Instructor of a bimonthly back health school seminar, taught exercise classes including: Pilates and osteoporosis prevention.
07/2001-03/2002     Schneider Children’s Medical Center, Israel
• Physical therapist at a children’s hospital.
• Providing respiratory treatment in all the wards including ICU and NICU.
• Providing physical therapy services for orthopedics, neurology, burns, and oncology wards

• 06/2003 -Certified lymphedema therapist.
• 09/2009 – NY PT license # 031935.
• 05/2011 – CLT-LANA certification (Lymphology Association of North America).
• 05/2014 Wound care certification.

• 07/2017 – NJ PT license #40QA01735000

• 08/2019 – Certified gym instructor

• 3-4/2001 King’s College Hospital in Denmark Hill, London. Six weeks elective training – pediatrics, neurology.
• 05/2002 Ergonomic (24 hours).
• 5-6/2003 Lymphedema treatment course, CDT (Complete decongestive treatment) at Klose Norton school of Lymphedema therapy and the Foldi special clinic for lymphology Hinterzarten, Germany. (135 hours).
• 06/20-21/2003 Clinical rehabilitation tendinopathies (16 hours).
• 01/2003 Assessment and treatment of the lower quadrant (70 hours).
• 2003 Pilates Center – Tel Aviv – Pilates instruction course (mat work) for physical therapists.
• 11/13-16/2011 Functional Mobilization (FM1) – Institute of Physical Arts (30 hours)
• 11/19-20/2011 Kinesitape course KT 1-2 (16 hours).
• 10/13-16/2011 PNF I – Institute of Physical Arts (28 hours).
• 09/2012 Lymphedema Re-Certification course Vodder school (28 hours).
• 11/14-17/2013 Functional mobilization of the upper quadrant – Institute of Physical Arts (33 hours).
• 05/19-23/2014 Wound care and management course (22.75 hours)
• 09/2014 National Lymphedema Network (NLN), Washington, DC (30 hours)
• 05/06-10/2015 – Oncology rehabilitation specialist class – PORI (32 hours)
• 07-19/20-2015 – Meditation for patient and providers – Herman & Wallace (15 hours)
• 08/31/2016-09/04/2016  – NLN conference, Dallas, Texas (28 hours)
• 05/04-06-2017 – Klose lymphedema conference, Denver, Colorado (21.5 hours)
• 08/07/2017-10/08/2017 – Yoga4cancer teacher training course – Yoga4Cancer
• 09/2017 – Strength after breast cancer – online course – Klose Training (4.5 hours)
• 06/2019 – Presenting at the IPTS conference “Oncology rehab among breast cancer patients, not limited to Manual Lymph Drainage”