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Hanne Marquardt


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Born in 1933, I grew up in a small village in the mountainous region of Bavaria. A few years after world war 2 I got the chance to start a 3 ½ years training as state reg. nurse in England.
Back in Germany, education in medical massage, hydro- and breathing therapy and naturopathy followed. In 1958 I heard of the American therapist Eunice Ingham and her work of self treatment and disease prevention called Reflexology.
After a time of hesitation and professional doubts the surprisingly good results in my practice showed that there was at least “something” to this seemingly simple way of treating my patients feet. Within the following nine years I was able to collect a great variety of individual experience, as they came with numerous ailments and were of all age groups.
Therefore I was convinced to have found the suitable therapeutic tool not only for myself; in 1967 the idea arose to start teaching other med.-therapeutic professionals. With this decision the term Reflexotherapy of the Feet was coined. The education soon found keen interest and was well accepted up to today. In consequence the demand for more reflexotherapy centers grew. Their number and sites can, as mentioned above, be seen here. I am still visiting our schools regularly, mostly giving refresher courses. Thus, in the last almost six decades a nearly uncountable number of students had gone “through my hands” – literally.
Since the mid-nineties of the last century I am asked to share some of the acquired knowledge with reflexologist groups around the globe. Those courses last two days and concentrate on strengthening the health potential of their clients (info and dates (www.verlaghannemarquardt.de).

Although I am only teaching in Europe nowadays it still gives me great pleasure to tell others about the unique wisdom of the inner capacity of self-healing within every person, and of the excellent “too” we have in RTF.
To underline the increasing acceptance of unconventional treatment methods: My main text book Reflexotherapy of the Feet has recently been published by “Thieme International”, revised and complemented in the 2nd English edition. Altogether my books are translated in 15 languages.

Apart from my long professional engagement I am very happy and grateful to be mother, grand- and great-grandmother of quite a big family. I can again enjoy living in a small village, perhaps coincidentally as in my childhood. This time in the Black Forest since nearly 50 years, together with the Main School for Reflexotherapy of the Feet. Welcome to visit! (* Foto vom Burgberger Zentrum?).