Beate Selker - Epimofosis
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Beate Selker

Beate Selker Advanced PNF Instructor

Education and Development     

1970 – 1974    Elementary school                             

1974 – 1975    Orientation level                

1975 – 1981    High school, degree middle maturity         

1981 – 1984    Sports and Gym school, Degree Sports and Gym teacher  

1984 – 1986    Timmermeister school educational establishment for physiotherapy

1986 – 1987    Marienhospital Ankum – Bersenbrück      

1987 – 1995    Physiotherapy practice Guballa – Pschera

1995 – 2010    Teacher at the Timmermeisterschule for Physiotherapy and work in a private practice, Hammer

2012 – ….         Teacher at the IEB School /Döpfer School for Physiotherapy

Advanced Professional Training

1998    International Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Instructor

2000    Subject teacher for PNF

2001    International Touch for Health Instructor

2004    International Advanced Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Instructor


Sports Physiotherapy, Medical Build up Training, Gait Analysis, Mobilization of the Nervous System, Sling Table, Shiatzu, Motorical Education, Bobath, Baby Treatment, E Technique (dependence to Vojta), Schaarschuch – Haase, Myofunctional Therapy, FBL, Anatomy in Vivo, Sensory Integration, Maitland, Tool of the Trade, Psychological Kinesiology, Three in One Concepts, Education in Homoeopathy, Education in Naturopathic Medicine, Education in Energy Work.