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Giannis Vasilogeorgis

Giannis Vasilogeorgis

After graduating from the high school of Arsakeio in 2000, he began his studies in physiotherapy at the ATEI of Central Greece, which he successfully completed in 2005 with a dissertation in surgical techniques and restoration of the anterior cruciate ligament. He did an internship at the K.A.T. hospital. in Kifissia in 2004.

In the same year he started a postgraduate course in Neurological Rehabilitation through the PNF method where he completed in 2009 at Advanced 4N (neuro) level.

At the same time (2005-2008) he was the head of the physiotherapy department at the Center for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Athens.

Since 2008 he is the scientific director of the “Physiomotive” physiotherapy center. There his interest in the study and treatment of pain and musculoskeletal disorders led him to successfully complete 2 years of studies in Pain physiology and Biomedical Acupuncture in 2011 by EFEA (Hellenic Physiotherapy Society of Algology).

In 2012 he did a postgraduate specialization in musculoskeletal rehabilitation as a Manual Therapist in an officially recognized training institution (H.O.M.T.D.) by the I.F.O.M.P.T. (International Federation of Orthopedic Manipulative Physical Therapists).

In 2014 he specialized in the biomechanical evaluation of the lower limb and the manufacture of orthopedic devices specially adapted for each foot (orthopedic insoles).

Since 2017 he has been collaborating with the renowned organization of Health Seminars “Epimorfosis” as an interpreter of physiotherapy and osteopathy seminars and has the role of assistant professor (facilitator) in an Acupuncture seminar organized by this institution.

In 2020 he completed 2 years of postgraduate studies MSc Molecular and Applied Physiology of the Medical School of Athens (EKPA).

Additional clinical postgraduate seminars he has completed are in the therapeutic bandage “Taping” and in the mobilization of the nervous tissue “Neurodynamics”.

His other fields of study are two foreign languages ​​(English and German) at an excellent level as well as music theory and piano.