“epimorfosis” Lifelong Learning Centre for Health Professionals

LLLC1 for Health Professionals “epimorfosis” was founded in 1995 and it is based in Thessaloniki, Greece. Its purpose is to organize postgraduate courses for physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, medicine doctors and other health professionals.

Throughout the 24 years of function it has organized 56 seminars of several techniques and methods. Until today more than 3.400 Physical therapists, Occupational therapists and Medical Doctors from Greece and Cyprus have attended our seminars. Our center selects the most reliable techniques and methods recognized by WCPT as well as by Federations, Companies and Unions / Associations (IPNFA, IBITA, IMTA, MCTA, McConnell, SPT-education, IMTT, IKTA etc.) and the equivalent Federation (e.g.  IFOMT, APTA, MACP, ACPRC). It cooperates with as the best teachers of methods and techniques as possible who are in every way certified to the equivalent method or technique they teach.

The rationale of founding this center has been the lifelong need for postgraduate training in concepts and techniques, which are not fully addressed during the course of the undergraduate studies. Our belief has been that mastering on these concepts or techniques can enhance the clinical intervention process.

Our early influences came from personal experiences in participating in similar seminars locally and abroad. Based on these experiences we decided to found a seminar-organizing center focusing only on the health professions.

The last 23 years has successfully organized the following courses:

  • Applied Radiology
  • Biomechanical Support of Foot
  • Bobath concept (Advance) for adults with neurological conditions
  • Bobath concept (basic) for adults with neurological conditions
  • Clinical Pilates-Muscles energy techniques (Shari Rosenberg)
  • Clinical Pilates-Reformer (Shari Rosenberg)
  • Clinical Therapy Yoga
  • David Poulter (Differential Diagnosis of Spinal Conditions)
  • Dry needling 1
  • Electrotherapy (Prof. Tim Watson)
  • Functional Assessment of the Lower Limbs – Insoles Customization (Basic)
  • Fascial Manipulation (Level 1)
  • Foundation Acupuncture Course
  • Fred L. Mitchell – Muscle Energy Techniques (Θ. & Ο.Μ.Σ.Σ.)
  • Gait analysis & training
  • Gyrokinesis Foundation Course (Level 1)
  • Kinematic TapingR Concept (KT 0 basic)
  • Kinematic TapingR Concept (KT 1 advanced)
  • Kinematic TapingR Concept (KT 2 advanced)
  • Kinetic Control
  • Lorimer Moseley (explain pain)
  • Maitland Concept (Level 3)
  • Maitland Concept (Level 2a+b)
  • Maitland Concept Βασικό σεμινάριο (Level 1)
  • Manual Lymph Drainage (Μάλαξης λεμφικής παροχέτευσης)
  • Mark Jones (Lumbar, Pelvis, Hip)
  • Mark Jones (Shoulder impingement and instability)
  • McConnell
  • Marketing Seminar for Physiotherapists
  • Medical taping ConceptR
  • Migrane & Headache (Dean Watson)
  • Motor Learning & Motor Control
  • Mulligan A + B + C
  • Myofasziale Triggerpunkt Therapie (IMTTR concept) Modul 1 & 2
  • Neuro-dynamics (Maitland – Concept)
  • NOI group (David Butler’s courses) – Mobilization of the Nervous System
  • Osteopathie Schule Deutschland
  • Osteopathic Approach on Neurological Disorders of the Newborn
  • Parkinson & Multiple Sclerosis
  • Paul Hodges (Όσφυο-πυελικός κινητικός έλεγχος)
  • Pilates Fisios (Metodo Dott. Silvia Raneri)
  • PNF Basic I & II , 3a+b, 4 N
  • Principals in Assessment and Treatment of Lumbar Spine
  • Rehabilitation of Pelvic Floor – BeBo’s Concept
  • Respiratory Physiotherapy (The Problem-solving Approach to R.C.)
  • Respiratory Physiotherapy (What we can do for the “Breathless Patient”?)
  • Sensory Integration – Pediatrics (SI Module 1, 2 & 3)
  • Sensory Integration & Autism - Pediatrics
  • Sensory Integration & Cerebral Palsy - Pediatrics
  • Shacklock’s NDS – Neuro dynamics
  • Shockwave treatment (E.S.W.T.)
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Sport – Physiotherapie (SPT – Education)
  • Sport injuries
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Trigger Points (Ed Wilson’s approach) level 1 & 2