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Pritschow Hans MLD / CDT,

Hans Pritschow, MLD / CDT, Certified Instructor has taught the Vodder
method of lymphedema management to thousands of students including those
at the Földi School in Freiburg, Germany, since 1982. A well-published author, he is currently the Director of the Center of Manual Lymphdrainage in Waldkirch, Germany.
In 1977 the treatment of Lymphedema’s, with the combined physical decongestiv therapy started to become more familiar to physiotherapists in Germany. The Manual lymph drainage, develloped by Vodder was then first clinically combined with compression bandaging, remedial exercises and skin care by Adonk. It has been shown to relieve up to 80 % of the edema in 3-4 treatments. After this first phase of decongestion the patient recieves a Compression Garment fitting to preserve the result of the treatment. It was a great pleasure for him to take part in this developement when he startet in 1977 to work with Asdonk in his first clinic specialized in treating Lymphedema’s worldwide. In 1982 he took the first officialy aknowledged exam of “Teacher of MLD” in Germany. In this year he met Dr. Vodder who first went to give a demo of his strokes in their school. From 1983 to 1990 he was first head instructor and than principal of the Földi-School with up to 900 pupils per year. Since 1991 he is currently teaching the combined physical decongestiv therapy to Physiotherapists all over Europe, currently he predominantly treat lymphhedema’s in his clinic in the Black Forest.

“The excellence of care and the training of highly qualified and skilled MLD/CDT therapists are the goals of this first course in MLD / CDT at “epimorfosis”.”