Sports & Soft Tissue Injuries ’19 – ATHENS

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Information & Registration

LLLC1, “epimorfosis”, intends to organize a Sports & Soft Tissue Injuries with instructor Dr Chris Norris (PhD MSc MCSP HPC Registered).

The course lasts 5 days and will take place:

in Athens on May, 15 – 19 2019

The course fee is 690€

An invoice will be issued by the full payment.

To register, please fill in the registration form electronically.

In order to finalize your registration and ensure a placement to this seminar, a down payment of 250€ must be deposited to one of the following accounts:

National Bank of Greece: IBAN GR6801102170000021744103439 SWIFT(BIC): ETHNGRAA or
Piraeus Bank of Greece: ΙΒΑΝ GR5501722380005238070348955 SWIFT(BIC): PIRBGRAA or
Alpha Bank of Greece: ΙΒΑΝ GR4801407080708002002013410 SWIFT(BIC): CRBAGRAA or
Eurobank of Greece: ΙΒΑΝ GR4502600370000010201090153 SWIFT(BIC): ERBKGRAA


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Deadline date for registrations: April, 15 2019

The rest amount of 440€ must be deposited in our bank account or via debit / credit card, at least 2 days prior to the beginning day of the course.

In case of course cancellation, due to «epimorfosis», the deposit will be refunded immediately.

The realization of the course will be confirmed by email or/and sms to be sent to participants.

It is advised to not buy your flight tickets until you receive this confirmation email (or/and sms).

epimorfosis_logoAthens’s Venue:
Course room «epimorfosis»
105 Karaoli & Dimitriou Str. (ex Eleftherias), 18345 – Moschato – Athens
Tel. : +30 210 4829303

LLLC1 “epimorfosis” keeps the right to change the seminar venue and the Lecturers depending on their availability.

Number of Participants: The number of participants will not exceed 20 people. If stakeholders are more than 20 will be kept waiting list based on the date of the closing of participation (date of down payment).

At the end of the seminar, a certificate of attendance will be issued.

Printed material (handouts) will be provided.

The course addressed in physical therapists, trainers and other health professionals.

Course language will be English with simultaneous translation to Greek.



sport_injuriesA five-day CPD course for therapists

The 5-day Sports & Soft Tissue Injuries (SSTI) course is an introductory / intermediate level programme for therapists, (Physiotherapists, Massage therapist, Sports Therapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Medical doctors) which will also be of interest to sports coaches and exercise professionals.

The SSTI course presents an evidence based approach to the management of sports and soft-tissue injuries for those treating musculoskeletal conditions in a clinic, hospital, or team environment.managing-sports-injuries-223x300

The programme begins by laying a foundation for understanding tissue injury and recovery, and develops essential practical skills for therapy. The course deals with injury by body part showing examples of effective practical treatment techniques distilled from several sources, to provide the most effective integrated approach. Thorough clinical reasoning is used throughout, to empower students to choose the most appropriate treatments, and build high calibre protocols to manage injured athletes and active adults.

By the end of the course students will have acquired in-depth knowledge, and advanced skills, in a selection of therapy techniques enabling them to effectively assess and manage a broad range of sports and soft tissue injuries with confidence.

You could find more details at:



Dr Chris Norris (PhD MSc MCSP HPC Registered)

Christopher Norris is a Chartered Physiotherapist who holds a masters degree in Exercises Science. He has post graduate certificates in both orthopaedic medicine and occupational health physiotherapy and an advanced certificate in traditional Chinese Acupuncture. He has over 25 years experience treating soft tissue injuries and specialises in sports injuries and exercise therapy. He is the author of seven books including textbooks on Sports Injuries (Elsevier), Acupuncture (Elsevier) and Back Stability (Human Kinetics). Chris is a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) and an advanced member and approved tutor for the AACP. He runs private clinics in Manchester and Cheshire, and is an external lecturer at the University of Salford. He runs various courses on back stability, muscle imbalance and acupuncture.

Time Schedule

Day 1

8.30 Registrations
9.00 Course outline – Treatment foundations, sports injuries: Tissue healing – Optimal loading
10.30 Break
11.00 Patient assessment (client interview & physical examination), Clinical reasoning and treatment planning
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Taping techniques – structural / functional / re-education, Manual therapy models – soft tissue / joint / MWM, Exercise therapy foundations – ‘S’ factors of fitness / FITT / PET / sensorimotor retraining
15.30 Break
16.00 Biopsychosocial model – cartesian model v modern neuroscience / placebo & nocebo, Evidence based healthcare – hierarchy of evidence / NICE & Cochrane

Day 2

9.00 Lower limb: Hip joint – biomechanics & muscle balance / OA and seniors / FAI & labrum / young athlete,
10.30 Break
11.00 Hamstrings – action in forward bending / biarticular action in gait / slump / progressive rehab
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Adductor and groin, Buttock pain – radiculopathy / piriformis / proximal hamstring tendinopathy
15.30 Break
16.00 Knee screening examination, Patellofemoral pain – PFP / PF arthritis / PF tendinopathy

Day 3

9.00 Lower limb (cont): Medial joint line pain, ACL injury and rehab
10.30 Break
11.00 Calf pain, Shin splints – biomechanics & pathology / taping / footwear & orthotic management
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Achilles tendinopathy – eccentric loading, Achilles rupture – progressive rehab
15.30 Break
16.00 Ankle – proprioceptive rehab / post tibial tendon dysfunction, Foot – rehab & manual therapy

Day 4

9.00 Upper limb: Scapulothoracic alignment & function – Scapular dyskinesis
10.30 Break
11.00 Shoulder impingement, Rotator cuff tendinopathy
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Shoulder instability, Frozen shoulder syndrome – pathology / manual therapy / exercise therapy
15.30 Break
16.00 Frozen shoulder syndrome – pathology / manual therapy / exercise therapy (cont.), A/C joint pain – taping

Day 5

9.00 Spine: Posture – important or irrelevant?
10.30 Break
11.00 Functional anatomy – motion segment revision / lumbo-pelvic rhythm, Sensorimotor training – overview and practical
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Cognitive functional training – overview and practical, Integrated spinal stability – model & progression / practical

Suggested Hotels

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Hotel Delfini** single room B&B 45 €. More information:
Tel.: +30 210 9415364 & 9415373