REPETITION COURSE of Maitland® Concept ’19 – ATHENS

--Spaces available: 18

Information & Registration

LLLC1, “epimorfosis”, intends to organise an update course of Maitland – Concept (Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy), the contents of Level 1 & Level 2a.

Course is addressed to therapists who have completed at least the Maitland Level 2a course.

The course lasts 3 days and will take place

in Athens on  ………………………………. 2020

The course fee is 375€

An invoice will be issued by the full payment.

To register, please fill in the registration form electronically.

In order to finalize your registration and ensure a placement to this seminar, a down payment of 175€ must be deposited to one of the following accounts:
National Bank of Greece: IBAN GR6801102170000021744103439 SWIFT(BIC): ETHNGRAA or
Piraeus Bank of Greece: ΙΒΑΝ GR5501722380005238070348955 SWIFT(BIC): PIRBGRAA or
Alpha Bank of Greece: ΙΒΑΝ GR4801407080708002002013410 SWIFT(BIC): CRBAGRAA or
Eurobank of Greece: ΙΒΑΝ GR4502600370000010201090153 SWIFT(BIC): ERBKGRAA


You can also make your payments via DEBIT or CREDIT CARD (free of charge) from the below links:

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Deadline date for registrations: …………………………………………………………

The rest amount of 200€ must be deposited in our bank account or via debit / credit card, at least 2 days prior to the beginning day of the course.

In case of course cancellation, due to “epimorfosis”, the deposit will be refunded immediately.

The realization of the course will be confirmed by email or/and sms to be sent to participants.

It is advised to not buy your flight tickets (particularly if they are not refundable or flexible) until you receive this confirmation email.


epimorfosis_logoAthens’s Venue:
Seminar Room «epimorfosis»
105 Karaoli & Dimitriou Str. (ex Eleftherias), 18345 – Moschato – Athens
Tel. : +30 210 4829303


LLLC1 “epimorfosis” keeps the right to change the seminar venue and the Lecturers depending on their availability.

Number of Participants: The number of participants will not exceed 18 people. If candidates are more than 18 will be kept waiting list based on the date of the closing of participation (date of deposit).

At the end of the seminar, a certificate of attendance or competence, recognized by IMTA will be issued.

Printed material (handouts) will be provided.

The seminar provided clinical practice in real patients (one patient per two participants). Participants (especially of Athens) should ensure these patients.

Course’s language is English with simultaneous translation to Greek.

Information & Time Schedule


DAY 1 08.30 – 17.00

SHORT INTRODUCTION-          Setting the scene, aim of the course, presentation course material, handout to the 3 days update courseDemands of course members:-          Fresh up and get feedback on techniques-          Differentiations principles and practice in the various body regions-          Get an update what is new in the Maitland ® courses-          Documentation of assessment


Theory-          Repetition on principles of the Maitland ® concept-          Clinical Reasoning-          The use of categories of Hypothesis as a Clinical Reasoning tool-          International Classification of Functioning-          Red Flags: precautions and contraindication to manual therapy explicitly the new IFOMPT framework on Cervical Artirial Dysfunction-          Repetition of the most important issues in patient History Taking-          Repetition on adequate Physical examination-          Documentation of assessment according to IMTA course handbook Chapter 9-          Repetition of the principles of Differentiation & practice-          Repetition of Screening Tests
Practice-          Physical examination lumbar spine: actively, passively (PAIVMs,  PPIVMs), neurodynamic tests SLUMP, SLR, PKB)-          Differentiation lumbar spine/sacroiliac joints/hip


Day  2 08.30 – 18.00


-          Framework to build a proper patient encounter C/O – plan – P/E -  plan – Rx-          Written planning to improve Clinical Reasoning-          Evidence meets practice: background knowledge on lumbar spine to guide PT practice-          Planning of dosage; parameters of clinical practice-          Planning of treament & Progression based on the movement diagramm-          Ques & building hypothesis towards pathology of the sacro iliac joint-          Sacro iliac joint tests update on ‘state of the art’
Practice-          Sacro iliac joint Physical examination and treatment-          Treatment techniques of lumbar rotation Grades I, II, III, IV-          Cervical spine physical examination: actively, overpressure, PAIVMs (PA & AP), PPIVMs C0-C1


Day 3 08.30 – 16.00

Theory-          Examples of patients’ cases (exercise on paper with vignettes)-          Assessmentformen-          Indications of improvement-          Evidence based practice – open access (session on how to find evidence in the literature and to incorporate this into day to day clinical practice)
Practice-          Cx PPIVMs C0-C2, C2-C7, upper and lower Quadrants, cervical Rotation as a treatment technique, Side Flex as a treatment technique-          1.Rib assessment and treatment-          Shoulderjoint: treatment in the quadrant position, accessory movements  in various positions-          Hip: F/ADD, examination and treatment techniques hip-          Knee: combined movements, examination and treatment techniques knee


Handouts, background literature articles according to need of the students in the group

-          Handout to cervical AP techniques-          Nucleus Trigeminus anatomical base-          Clinical patterns Lumbar spine handout-          T4 Syndrome handout-          Epicondylopathia lat.-          CR Reflexions handouts-          Handout with list of interesting www.sites




Renee de RuijterRenée de Ruijter MME (Master Medical Education), PT OMTsvomp®, Post Grad. Dip. MT IMTA Teacher

Renée ha terminato i suoi studi “bachelor in fisioterapia” nel 1985 a Rotterdam. Paesi Bassi. Dopo poco tempo si è trasferita in Svizzera dove ha lavorato in vari studi privati e cliniche. Nel1994 Renée ha terminato i suoi studi postgraduati in terapia manuale alla Curtin university in Perth, Australia. Nel 2001 si è qualificata docente dell’International Maitland Teachers Association (IMTA). Dal 1991 al 1994 e dal 1997 fino a 2002 ha insegnato alla formazione di fisioterapia a Lucerna, Svizzera. Lei e stata membro del committato esecutivo dell’associazione Svizzera di terapia manuale “Schweizerische Verband Orthopädischer Manipulativer Physiotherapie (SVOMP) anche nella mansione di Presidente. Dal 1996 al 2003 è stata editrice del giornale dell’associazione Svizzera di terapia SVOMP. Dal 1997 – 2008 Renèe è stata delegata della SVOMP per la IFOMPT. Attualmente Renée lavora a Kriens vicino a Lucerna, Svizzera nel suo studio privato e insegna terapia manuale nei corsi postgraduati in Svizzera, Austria, Germania, Italia, Spagna e nei Paesi Bassi. Nel 2006 ha iniziato il suo studio accademico MSc in “Medical Education” all’università di Berna. Dal gennaio 2010 Renée insegna al programma MAS in “Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy” all’accademia di scienze applicate di Winterthur, Zurigo, Svizzera. Il suo campo d’interesse particolare è lo sviluppo di Curricula e la sua applicazione nella formazione di fisioterapia.


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Hotel Delfini** single room B&B 45 €. More information:
Tel.: +30 210 9415364 & 9415373