Manual Lymph Drainage ad modum VODDER (ZML) – ADVANCED (Therapy 1) ’19 – ATHENS

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Information & Registration

LLLC1, “epimorfosis”, intends to organize an Advanced level course, Therapy 1, Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) of Dr. Vodder’s method under the auspices of ZML – Zentrum of Manuelle Lymphdrainage.

The course lasts 5 days and will take place

in Athens on May, 23 – 27 2019

The course fee is 550€

An invoice will be issued by the full payment.

To register, please fill in the registration form electronically.

In order to finalize your registration and ensure a placement to this seminar, a down payment of 200€ must be deposited to one of the following accounts:

National Bank of Greece: IBAN GR6801102170000021744103439 SWIFT(BIC): ETHNGRAA or
Piraeus Bank of Greece: ΙΒΑΝ GR5501722380005238070348955 SWIFT(BIC): PIRBGRAA or
Alpha Bank of Greece: ΙΒΑΝ GR4801407080708002002013410 SWIFT(BIC): CRBAGRAA or
Eurobank of Greece: ΙΒΑΝ GR4502600370000010201090153 SWIFT(BIC): ERBKGRAA


You can also make your payments via DEBIT or CREDIT CARD (free of charge) from the below links:

money-coinDEPOSIT (200€) money-coinPAYMENT (350€) money-coinPAYMENT OF THE ENTIRE AMOUNT (550€)



Deadline date for registrations: May, 10 2019 (CONTINUATION OF REGISTRATIONS)

The rest amount of 350€ must be deposited in our bank account or via debit / credit card, at least 2 days prior to the beginning day of the course.

In case of course cancellation, due to «epimorfosis», the deposit will be refunded immediately.

The realization of the course will be confirmed by email or/and sms to be sent to participants.

It is advised to not buy your flight tickets until you receive this confirmation email (or/and sms).


epimorfosis_logoAthens’s Venue: Course room «epimorfosis»

105 Karaoli & Dimitriou Str. (ex Eleftherias), 18345 – Moschato – Athens
Tel. : +30 210 4829303



LLLC1 “epimorfosis” keeps the right to change the seminar venue and the Lecturers depending on their availability.

Number of Participants: The number of participants will not exceed 26 individuals. If candidates are more than 26 a waiting list will be kept based on the date of the finalization of participation (date of down payment).

At the end of the seminar, a certificate of attendance will be issued.

Printed material (handouts) will be provided.

The Therapy 1 course is addressed exclusively to physiotherapists and other health professionals, who have attended the Basic course of Manual Lymph Drainage.

Course language will Greek.


The method
There are two levels scheduled for the complete learning process:
Therapy ΙI: September, 06 – 10 2019 (Athens)
Therapy ΙΙI: December, 04 – 08 2019 (Athens)

Clinical practice in real patients is provided in all levels.

Course objective:


The therapists will be fully certified in all of the different techniques of MLD / CDT.

Each participant will be trained in the four components of the Complete Decongestive Therapy and will know how to manage lymphedema and lymphostatic edema.

Upon completion of the class, each participant will have gained competence in the technical skills of Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD), bandaging, specific exercises in the decongestion process and in the fitting of compression stockings. They will also know how to apply these techniques in a convenient, effective way to the different forms of patient swelling. Furthermore the therapist will understand the medical indications and the contraindications of MLD and the bandaging.

In this workshop participants will be trained in the application of lymphatic drainage based on the principles of the method of Dr. Vodder. The anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of the lymphatic system will help us to understand the creation of different types of lymphoedema.

mld_legContents (theoretical & practical presentations, CI)

Anatomy: Initial lymph vessels, Lymphcollectors, Lymphatic ducts (morphology, locations, function), Lymphnodes (locations, function), Watersheds, lymphatic drainage areas, lympho-lymphatic anastomoses


Physiology: Circulatory system in general, Microcirculation, Starling hypothesis, Starling equilibrium, Filtration, resorption, lymphatic transport

Pathophysiology: Lymphedema fundamentals, classification and staging, Insufficiency forms, Lymphostasis consequences, cell proliferation, compensatory mechanism

Diagnostic procedures: Patients medical history, inspection, palpation, volume measurement

Primary lymphedema: Pathophysiology, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, course, treatment

Secondary lymphedema: Traumatic (acute), inflammatory, malignant (pathophysiology, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, course, treatment)

Lipedema, Lipo-lymphedema, Pathophysiology, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, course, treatment

Venous and lymphostatic edema: Pathophysiology, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, course, treatmentae-vodder-12132_186x186

Lymphostatic enteropathy

Therapy concepts: Manual lymphdrainage, Compression bandaging, Compression garments, Pneumatic pumps, Patient education

Q and A, Tips and Tricks

Dr. Emil Vodder and his wife Estrid


EVRIPIDIS_NEWEvripidis Triantafyllou BSc, MSc, MLD

Graduate of the Physiotherapy department of the Technological Institute of Athens, Greece. He continued with studies in Greece and in Germany and he gained clinical experience in physiotherapy centers of Germany. His main clinical interest focuses on rehabilitation of conditions of the lymphatic system, based on the recognized Vodder method. He is an educational member of the courses that organized in Greece with collaboration with the instructor Hans Pritschow. He has also specialized in the rehabilitation of patients with headache problems that come from the cervical spine, trained by the world’s leading in this field, Dean Watson. Moreover, he has received training in concepts such as Maitland, Neurodynamics, Acupuncture, Dry needling, Medical Taping, Clinical Pilates, Bebo (rehabilitation of the pelvic floor).

Time Schedule

Day 1
08:30 Hello and general remarks.Historical development of the MLD
10:00 Break
10:15 Anatomy: Lymph vessels, Lymph nodes, Watersheds, lymphatic drainage areas Note: Please bring comfortable clothing for lab practice!
12:30 Break
13:00 MLD lab: Standing Circle Stroke, treatment of throat and face
16.00 Εnd of day 1

Day 2
08:30 Physiology & Pathophysiology: Starling equilibrium
10:00 Break
10:15 MLD lab: Pump Stroke arm and leg, treatment of leg
12:30 Break
13:00 MLD lab: treatment of arm, Turn Stroke, Back treatment
16.00 Εnd of day 2

Day 3
08:30 Review MLD lab.: Turn Stroke, Back Treatment, according to the regional lymphatic
10:00 Break
10:15 MLD lab: Scoop stroke, Treatment arm & leg
12:30 Break
13:00 MLD lab: treatment of the breast Review: treatment of face and throat according to the regional lymphatic
16.00 Εnd of day 3

Day 4
08:30 Physiology & Pathophysiology: Sufficiency & insufficiency, Insufficiency forms
10:00 Break
10:15 MLD lab: treatment of abdomen & abdominal breathing strokes
12:30 Break
13:00 MLD lab: treatment of back and lower back according to the regional lymphatic areas. Review and discussion
16:00 Εnd of day 4

Day 5
08:30 Review MLD lab.: Treatment of the abdomen & abdominal breathing strokes leg treatment
10:00 Break
10:15 Compression lab.: theoretical basics in compression bandaging Foot, lower leg bandage & thigh
12:30 Break
13:00 Compression lab.: Armbandage and fingers. Feedback & discussion
15:30 Εnd of MLD Therapy 1 Course

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Hotel Delfini** single room B&B 45 €. More information:
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