Maitland Concept® Level 2a ’19 – ATHENS

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Information & Registration

LLLC1, “epimorfosis”, intends to organize a Level 2a course of Maitland – Concept (Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy) under the auspices of International Maitland Teachers Association (Ι.Μ.Τ.Α.).

Course contents are meet the educational standards of IFOMPT (International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists).

The course lasts 10 days (2 5-days) and will take place in Athens the following dates:

Week 1: June, 12 – 16 2019
Week 2: October, 23 – 27 2019

The course fee is 1.300€.

An invoice will be issued by the full payment.

To register, please fill in the registration form electronically.

In order to finalize your registration and ensure a placement to this seminar, a down payment of 400€ must be deposited to one of the following accounts:

National Bank of Greece: IBAN GR6801102170000021744103439 SWIFT(BIC): ETHNGRAA or
Piraeus Bank of Greece: ΙΒΑΝ GR5501722380005238070348955 SWIFT(BIC): PIRBGRAA or
Alpha Bank of Greece: ΙΒΑΝ GR4801407080708002002013410 SWIFT(BIC): CRBAGRAA or
Eurobank of Greece: ΙΒΑΝ GR4502600370000010201090153 SWIFT(BIC): ERBKGRAA


An invoice will be issued by the full payment.

money-coinDEPOSIT (400€) money-coin1st/2nd INSTALLMENT (450€) money-coinPAYMENT OF THE ENTIRE AMOUNT (1300€)



Deadline date for registrations: May, 20 2019 (CONTINUATION OF REGISTRATIONS)

The rest amount of 900€ (450€ + 450€) must be deposited in our bank account or via debit / credit card, at least 2 days prior to the beginning day of each course.

In case of course cancellation, due to «epimorfosis», the deposit will be refunded immediately.

The realization of the course will be confirmed by email or/and sms to be sent to participants.

It is advised to not buy your flight tickets until you receive this confirmation email (or/and sms).



epimorfosis_logoAthens’s Venue:
Seminar Room «epimorfosis»
105 Karaoli & Dimitriou Str. (ex Eleftherias), 18345 – Moschato – Athens
Tel. : +30 210 4829303


LLLC1 “epimorfosis” keeps the right to change the seminar venue and the Lecturers depending on their availability.

Number of Participants: The number of participants will not exceed 18 people. If candidates are more than 18 will be kept waiting list based on the date of the closing of participation (date of deposit).

After successful completion of attendance (exams), a certificate of attendance or competence, recognized by I.M.T.A., will be issued.

The course provides clinical practice in real patients (one patient per two participants). Participants (especially of Athens) should ensure these patients.

Printed material (handouts) will be provided.

The course is addressed exclusively in those who have attended the basic course (level 1).

Course’s language is English with simultaneous translation to Greek.



Assessment and Treatment of Disorders of the Movement System based on Principles of the Maitland-Concept® of Manipulative Physiotherapy (Level 2a)


At the end of a level 2a course participants will have gained increased competencies and be able to:
Describe with confidence what is meant by the Maitland-Concept of manipulative physiotherapy by demonstrating a standard of patient care, handling skills and recording which is deemed acceptable throughout the level 2a course.

Demonstrate in-depth assessment and management of neurodynamics with the related theoretical knowledge.

Show an understanding of selected clinical syndromes by being able to recognise and describe the related clinical patterns as well as demonstrate appropriate assessment and management which is acceptable to a level 2a standard

Perform at an acceptable standard to level 2a all vertebral and peripheral examination and treatment techniques including the relevance of functional demonstrations, differentiation testing, the use of combined movements and the use of compression, throughout the level 2a course (upgrade and revision)

Specific Objectives– Contents
At the end of a level 2a course the course-participants will understand and be able to explain and apply extended elements of the Maitland-Concept, as listed as follows:

Specific details of the Maitland Concept
Differentiation testing including “functional demonstration”, specific testing of the lumbar vertebra (Lx), shoulder, elbow, hand, foot, knee
Theoretical knowledge, assessment and treatment of neurodynamic problems

The use of compression and its application to intra-articular disorders

The biomechanics of the spine
Assessment and treatment of the lumbar and cervical spine using combined movements
Lumbar syndromes
T4 syndrome
Anterior Knee pain
Cervicogenic headaches. Revision, upgrading of practice of all joint-complexes
Confidential Assessment of performance

Specific Objectives– Contents

At the end of level 2a Candidates for the IMTA certificate of competence at level 2a is able to:

Demonstrate safe and effective examination, treatment and assessment/reassessment of two patients during 4 consecutive sessions including the performance of a comprehensive patient interview, relevant physical examination and accurate management strategies and progression of treatment techniques in each case. Use reflective practice to justify clinical decisions made when discussing the patient sessions with the course leaders. Perform, accurately, at least three examination or treatment techniques from level 1 or level 2a on the course leaders and to discuss the clinical application of the treatment techniques, including the clinical indications, precautions and contra-indications. Document following aspects of each treatment technique: the model/patients starting position, the therapists starting position, the localisation of forces, the grade, speed, rhythm and duration, communication with the model/patient.

You can find more informations in web site



Gerti Bucher-Dollenz IMTA Senior Teacher

MAS (Manipulative Physiotherapy) MAS (Educational Design) PT, PT OMTsvomp®

Gerti completed her Physiotherapy Diploma in Klagenfurt, Austria in 1983. After working in Austria for a short time she moved to Switzerland where she has since worked at in various rehabilitation centres and hospitals, including ten years at the at the Rehabilitation Centre in Valens. In 1992 she completed a Graduate Diploma in Manipulative Therapy at the University of South Australia in Adelaide, Australia and went on to graduate with a Masters of Applied Science in Physiotherapy in 1993. Gerti qualified as a teacher with the International Maitland Teachers Association (IMTA) in 1993. She is also a member of the Neuro Orthopaedic Institute (NOI). Currently Gerti works in private practice in Heiligkreuz, Switzerland and continues to teach postgraduate manipulative therapy in a number of European countries. Since 2009 she is a Senior Teacher of IMTA. Gertis special interests include the management of orthopaedic patients, neuropathic pain and chronic pain, the integration of manual therapy into the treatment of neurological patients and the neurophysiology of learning


Time Schedule

Day 1
08.30 Revision of the Maitland concept
10.30 Cont. Revision and upgrading of P/E Lx and Rx
13.00 Patient Demonstration
15.00 Revision and upgrading of Neurodynamics Nerve Palpation techniques
17.30 End of day 1

Day 2
08.30 Theory: Anatomy of the Nervous system (NS) Practical: Neurodynamics Theory: Biomechanics of the NS
10.30 Revision of palpation (Cx anterior) and movement diagrams
13.00 Patient Demonstration
15.00 Patient treatment by participants
17.00 End of day 2

Day 3
08.30 Theory: Pathophysiology of the Nervous System and Clinical presentation Practical: Neurodynamics
10.30 Neurodynamic Treatment principles
13.00 Patient demonstration
15.00 Patient treatment by participants
17.00 End of day 3

Day 4
08.30 Evidence for Neurodynamic treatments Practical: Progression of Neurodynamic treatments
10.30 Practical: Neurodynamic treatments
13.00 Intra articular disorders: P/E and Rx with compression
15.00 Patient treatment by participants
17.00 End of day 4

Day 5
08.30 Biomechanics of the spine Practical: Various techniques based on clinical examples
10.30 Treatment with combined movements
13.00 End of day 5

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Hotel Delfini** single room B&B 45 €. More information:
Tel.: +30 210 9415364 & 9415373